Frequently Asked Questions

Which of our 4 daily “bear viewing scenic tours” is the best tour to see bears?

All 4 tours have an equal chance of seeing bears in: May, June, July, September & October. July 16th to August 31st if the teperatures are hotter on Sunny days, the early morning tour and evening tour may be more beneficial in increasing the chances of seeing bears. Rainy and cloudy days are ideal and on those days all 4 tours have an equal chance of seeing bears.

Do I have to worry about bears?

No. Whistler is home to Black Bears but they are primarily interested in foraging for food and generally avoid contact with people as much as possible. Do Not Approach Bears. Respect a safe distance. As for our Bear Viewing Tours, you are always safe viewing in a enclosed luxury Land Rover.

What kinds of other animals will I see?

You are likely to spot Squirrels, Marmots, Deer, Coyotes and maybe Bobcats.

Where do the tours start?

We will pick you up from your Whistler area Hotel, Private Residence or AirB&B. Please be ready 10 minutes before the tour start time.