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Embark On Your Own Exclusive Adventure With Your Personal Eco Guide
Whistler Discovery Tours: Exclusive, Personalized & Wilderness Outdoor Excursions

Land RoverTravel through the Coast Mountain Range to rarely-seen wildlife scenic destinations; our rugged "air suspension" luxury Land Rovers & Range Rovers perform well in adverse conditions and allows us to visit some of the most remote locations in the Whistler region.

Take in the unparalleled beauty of the area on a Black Bear viewing excursion or explore the Coastal Temperate Rainforest on a 420-acre Ecological Reserve with 1200 year old cedar trees. And don’t forget to bring your camera! All Whistler Discovery Eco Tour adventures provide prime photographic opportunities.

Whether you are an avid amateur photographer on the lookout for that perfect photo, a couple on a weekend excursion, or a family in need of holiday fun, Whistler Discovery Tours' personable and outgoing eco guides are perceptive to your needs. Experienced and professional, our eco guides are ecologists, professional nature photographers and skilled outdoor off-road adventurers.

Our Whistler Eco Tours will take you to areas rarely seen by most Whistler visitors. Allow Whistler Discovery Tours to guide you on your unique adventure and provide you with a superior tour experience.

James Fougere

Avid professional nature and landscape photographer James Fougere started Whistler Discovery Land Rover Tours to provide discerning visitors to the Whistler region with unique wilderness adventure opportunities. James received a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. With his knowledge and experiences James carefully-selected the Whistler Discovery Eco Tours so that they are unlike others offered and will take you to places that most of Whistler visitors will never see!

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