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James Fougere

Avid professional nature and landscape photographer James Fougere started Whistler Discovery Land Rover Tours to provide discerning visitors to the Whistler region with unique wilderness adventure opportunities. With his knowledge and experiences James carefully-selected the Whistler Discovery Eco Tours so that they are unlike others offered and will take you to places that most of Whistler visitors will never see!

James received a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. James then went on to a career in the IT software industry, as an account executive from 1993 to 2002. He then spent 5 years starting and operating a successful retail business chain in eastern Canada, selling outdoor lifestyle apparel and gear. He sold his business in 2007 to pursue a lifestyle change and to pursue his interest landscape and nature photography. James travelled for a year and a half around North America; exploring the wilderness with his camera gear. In late 2008 James and his 2 Great Danes (Rocket and Lola) made Whistler, British Columbia their home.

James is an accomplished explorer and professional photographer. James’ photography highlights his appreciation of the natural world and his keen interest in grand landscape and nature/wildlife photography. This life-long passion for the wilderness has taken him on a photographic journey across North America. As a result of his adventures, James has captured images of Earth’s most extraordinary places.