Whistler Area Profile

The pristine natural surroundings and untamed wilderness of the Whistler area make visiting the region so unique and special. Whether you are interested in hiking, snowshoeing, photography or casual sightseeing, there are countless ways to get up close and personal with Whistler's flora and fauna.

Whistler is located in the Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia. The top elevation of the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are 7,160 ft (2,182 m) and 7,494 ft (2,284 m) respectively. The area offers the most reliable snow conditions in the province, with an average annual snowfall of 33.5 ft (10.22 m); however, due to coastal proximity, temperatures are moderate through the winter season, rarely dipping below 12°F (-10°C) in the valley and 5°F (-15°C) in the alpine during the coldest part of the year.

But Whistler isn't just a winter destination. Spring offers comfortable temperatures, refreshing mild rain, and the opportunity to appreciate lush plant life and keep watch for deer and bears in temperate rainforests. Summer promises hot weather, perfect for exploring outdoors and cooling off at glacier lakes in the abundant sunshine. And Fall is the perfect time to hike through alpine meadows and relax in nearby volcanic hot springs while birds soar overhead.